September 2013 ~ Korset *Elken DX by Liza

Thursday, 26 September 2013

El Marino Collagen dan Anti Aging Drink

Apa yg terkandung dalam El Marino Blanc yang menjadikanya begitu berkesan
>> Kompleks Oren Merah (ROC)
>> Aktif Viqua tm dgn sistem penghantaran NANO ADS
>> Collactive

El Marino Blanc telah mendapat pengiktirafan HALAL daripada JAKIM.

El Marino Blanc testimonial
1box=30 sachets only RM188
My recommendations, 
register membership RM75 once a lifetime 
and generate your 
RM10,000 money pocket 
by introducing El Marino Blanc to a friends.
Dapatkan El Marino Blanc untuk kulit anda.
Liza 0123131405 for order

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Cristal Angels by Elysyle

Introducing... latest Exclusive Foundation Body Lingerie 
made with Swarovski Crystals. 
namely, Cristal Angels.

Swarovski has been working with Gucci, Prada and many branded names out there. 

But, the 1st in the world Swarovski partnership with the Foundation Body Lingerie only for Cristal Angels by Elysyle Elken.
Crystal Angels... glamour, montok dan selesa
The launch of Cristal Angels with beautiful pageants
> A Luxurious Caress <
The use of power-net material made with a tripod - shaped thread allows maximum moisture absorption and ventilation, thus allowing your skin to breathe throughout the day.
> Quick Dry <
Skin is kept comfortably dry with the new anti-moisture fabric which has a drying speed two higher than cotton.
> A Fresh Start <
The development of Miraculous, a unique fabric with built-in pH neutralising properties that minimise any unpleasant odour 

*Cristal Angels by Elysyle
Let's have your Cristal Angels!
F R E E   F I T T I N G
TRY Cristal Angel by Elysyle NOW!
LIZA 012.313.1405

Friday, 6 September 2013

DX Merdeka bonanza promotion

dx lizaelken,korset dx
DX merdeka bonanza
Anda beli satu DX Fullset iaitu :

Anda akan mendapat FREE
Set Thermos Cookware Worth RM450.00
UPII Starter set Worth RM597.00

Mudah saja!
Dgn Ansuran bulanan serendah 
RM144/sbln selama 3 tahun. 

CALL/SMS/Whatsapp Liza at 0123131405.
Call NOW!
Promotion will be ended on
17 September 2013.
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